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VLC Media Player is the best FREE media player that was developed back in 1996 by VideoLan Client. It supports 78 languages and multiple operating systems including mobile devices. At this time, the number of downloads of VLC Media Player is 485 million!

The best word to describe the VLC Media Player – is progressive. It supports all popular formats, opens damaged and not completely downloaded files, plays streaming videos and Internet radio and even more, it can be integrated as a plug-in into the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. As you can see VLC Media Player can satisfy needs of the most demanding users.

VLC Media Player has a very simple interface, but the software amazes users with the features and quality. It can open all of the most popular multimedia formats. When you download a video file from the Internet, you will be able to preview it. It means that you will be able to open the file fragment of incomplete download. It is very useful if suddenly the download was interrupted.

VLC Media Player is able to capture the TV signal (if your video card supports this function) and play streaming video. It allows you to integrate with various services such as the Channels.com and access Reuters or National Geographic channels. Also, you can add subtitles to a movie by yourself, just save the file in .srt extension in the same folder with the video and it will be opened automatically.

VLC Media Player may be used as a universal program for reproducing video and audio files. And if you are looking for a program that can recognize a large variety of formats and can play fragments of files – get the VLC Media Player and you will not regret it. Analogues such as Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player cannot provide you with such features.

VLC Media Player is undisputable leader between media players. It doesn’t require any third party codecs, because it has a large set of built-in codecs. It means that you just need to install VLC Media Player and don’t waste your time on looking for new codecs. It can also memorize moments of the movie to view them later. VLC Media Player supports numerous plugins, built-in decoder and advanced audio and video filters, files converter. VLC Media Player is a really perfect media player for any user.

Why should I download the latest version of VLC Media Player for Windows 10?
Simply, because the latest version contains the most recent features and bug fixes.

If I have 64 bit version of Windows 10, what version of VLC Media Player I should download?
For 64 bit version of Windows 10 you can download both x64 and x32 versions of VLC Media Player, but we advise you to download the latest x64 version because it was specifically developed for 64 bit operating systems.

You can also download VLC Player from the mirror or VLC Player Download Mirror 2.